who is China Miéville?

Let’s make one thing clear: China Miéville is way too ripped for his chosen profession.  Being the new demigod of speculative/weird English fiction, he should by rights be some kind of hunch-backed, bespectacled, bowl-haircut, scrawny paradigm of nerd.  Instead he’s an Adonis, a Hercules, a shaven-headed Atlas – standing out among his many accolades is the coveted “best guns in literature” award*; a title he seems unlikely to yield anytime soon.

So we reckon that Dr Miéville (yep, ‘Dr’ – look it up) can take care of himself alright.  But just to make sure, we’ve decided to put it to a rigorously unscientific and entirely fictional test.  Just what would happen if China Miéville was set upon by detractors, un-well wishers and other assailants?  This is the place where you can (almost) find out.


China Miéville is an English writer of “weird fiction” (his phrasing).  He has published nine novels in genres as diverse as steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi, hardboiled noir and even a ‘Cthulhu cult’ novel.  He has won the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award 3 times.  His work has been variously described as ‘gloriously adjectival’, ‘stylistically exuberant’ and ‘relentlessly creative’.  Although we are in no way affiliated with China Miéville, we are great fans of his fiction, and encourage you to read as much of it as you can.

*This award does not exist.  But if it did.. etc etc.