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Tomcat is the alias of a book blogger with absolutely no discernable talents whatsoever; so instead of writing his own books, he reviews other people’s, here: Tomcat in the Red Room.

You can follow him on Twitter, if you’re so inclined: @Tomcat_redroom

Tomcat could not beat-up China Miéville…

Thom Dicomidis

A person of ill-repute and a putter-together-of-words of no-repute, Thom spends his free time reading ostensibly worthy books, listening to scrupulously uncool music and cluttering up his corner of the internet over at postmodernidiosyncrasies.com. He is both eager and willing to write in exchange for money, in-date foodstuffs (vegetarian) or just the promise of a kindly smile.

An occasional runner and sometime lifter of heavy things, Thom could not beat-up China Miéville…